Hip Surgery Complete!

That dangly thing is my torn labrum. Sayonara, sucka!
Eleven months after I began having hip pain, I finally had surgery to fix it yesterday. The good news is, they didn't find the bone impingement they thought I had, so all they had to do was remove a good chunk of my labrum. They also drilled slightly into my bone so that it would generate new labrum (who knew joints could do that? The human body is amazing!). 

They filmed the whole surgery, which initially I didn't think I would watch. But I changed my mind and found it to be really interesting. My labrum was misshapen and detached from a different piece of cartilage it was supposed to be pals with, and it was slipping in and out of my joint causing me all of that pain. I have photo evidence as well, but I'll spare you the rest of the stomach-churning media. 

The surgery only took an hour, and I don't remember a thing about it. The last thing I remember before they put me under, was the anesthesiologist asking if I was nervous (which I totally was). "Your heart rate shot up! It's in your target zone for running a marathon. Don't be worried - you're in great hands here!" Then I went to sleep. 

I barely remember this, but the first thing I asked the nurse when I woke up is if they fixed me. When she said yes, I then asked if I could go hiking. She laughed, "Probably not today." 

Then she wheeled me out, and the first thing I asked Boyfriend was if he could cook me pancakes, hasbrowns and maple sausage. The nurse interrupted again and said I could only eat lightly that day. She was pretty much ruining my day's plans. 

But she really did end up being right. I was pretty drugged up most of yesterday (and today) and my mom came up to visit and help Boyfriend wait on me and make me comfortable. 

When I got home, Bowser instantly sensed something was wrong with me and followed me around all day, sniffing me, giving me kisses and laying by me. If he got up for awhile, he returned to the room every so often to check on me. He's such a great dog!

The drugs I'm on have me dreaming all kinds of craziness. Boyfriend came in to bed long after I had fallen asleep last night. I don't know what I thought was happening, but the second he came in the room, I started shrieking and screaming, and Bowser jumped off the bed and started barking, and I woke my mom up who was sleeping down the hall (and probably my neighbors too). 

Boyfriend, who was half-asleep prior to the shriek attack, was wide awake now and said, "Calm down! It's just me. Sheez!" 

Sorry, everyone!

I'm able to bear weight on my hip and walk a little bit, but I will still be on crutches so I can take it easy. I'm feeling better than I thought I would and look forward to starting my rehabilitation exercises so I can be active again. Hiking, biking and hot yoga are on my goals of things to do next year. I'm so happy the hard part is over and so thankful for all the well wishes and prayers my family and friends said for me. They really did help!

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but being in good health is priceless (and this post is pretty darn good for being on Oxy!). 

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