I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!

I once slid under a parked van while riding my pink Huffy. I don't think you could do that on this bike. Image from here.
 I did it – I lasted for a whole 15 minutes on the recumbent bike today. Never thought I’d be so excited over 15 minutes of stationary biking in my life. But this whole healing process is forcing me to appreciate even the slightest improvement in mobility. I’m learning that patience truly is a virtue. And I really don’t want to eff up my hip in the process of trying to heal it. 

My dermatologist has some other suspicions about my health and is having me evaluated by a rheumatologist on my 27th birthday. Nothing rings in another year older better than an arthritis evaluation. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they find nothing, but it is yet another mark on my “You Know You’re Approaching Senior Citizenship When…” checklist. 

My mom brought up a good point though – she said “You’re only as old as you feel, and if you keep convincing yourself you’re old, you’re going to start feeling it too. So quit it! Just focus on healing your hip and let that be the end of it.”

She always was the voice of reason. Except for this one time

My inner-fat kid has now hijacked the rest of this post: 

Since mobility has been limited, I’ve attempted to improve my diet. Attempted is the key word in that sentence. My attempts keep getting foiled by sweets. I was doing well until I made the decision to bake pumpkin cookies with browned butter frosting over the weekend. It became dinner one night, and after sneaking him a bite, Bowser is now addicted as well. Boyfriend was in LA at a big nerd fest, so he was unable to cook for me like usual (I know – I totally lucked out with a cooking bf). I’m pretty much a disaster in the kitchen if whatever I’m attempting to cook doesn’t call for at least one cup of sugar. And that’s why my meals consisted of fruity pebbles and beef jerky before Boyfriend and I moved in together. 

Yesterday, I kept telling myself, “Today is the day! I’m going to eat an apple and not candy.” And then my department got pumpkin pie for my upcoming birthday. And you KNOW I don’t even try to resist pumpkin pie. Girl, are you crazy? Who turns down a piece of pumpkin pie?

Today I’ve been eating healthy, despite stopping by the store after work so I could get all the ingredients to make these pumpkin muffins (Don’t hate - I can’t let my can of pumpkin go to waste, okay?) YUM. I’m going to bring them into work though so they’re not laying around my house. I’ll only eat one…okay two max. 

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but stationary bikes and sweets will always bring me joy.

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